Mario Dion and Conrad Goulet founded the company in 1986 and developed sharpening principles and techniques in order to prolong the cutting tool service life and help their customers to lower their production costs.



Fourteen years later, the company’s expansion required more spacious premises. In 1999, Mr. Goulet relocated the company in Delson’s industrial park. Furthermore, he invested in state-of-the-art machinery, thus enabling the company to constantly evolve.



In 2009, Mr. Goulet welcomed his daughter, Lisa Goulet as general manager and his grandson, Jonathan Riberdy as sharpening apprentice. Unfortunately, Mr. Goulet suddenly passed away the following year.



Following Mr. Goulet’s death, Lisa and Jonathan took over the family business and still run Aiguisa-Tech’s team with passion and dedication, with the firm conviction that they are pursuing the mission of excellence in terms of service and product quality.


Expansion and relocation

In 2015, the company is flourishing and the idea to relocate into more spacious grounds is once again compelling. Then, Aiguisatek decided to move into 14,000 sq. ft. premises. Over the years, the company succeeded in strategically positioning itself, in becoming a leader in its industry and now extending its specialized activities and services throughout the province of Quebec.


Technology and labor

Aiguisatek continues to make significant investments ($1.5 million) in high-tech equipment as well as qualified labor in order to pursue their ongoing commitment to customer service and meet their client ever-growing needs.